My name is Alexander Damiano Ricci.

I’m a 29-year-old freelance journalist and researcher based in Rome.

On this website, you can find all my publications, among which data analysis, interviews, literary and photo reportages.

I currently work at EuVisions.eu, an online observatory and data collection project dealing with the clash between economic and social Europe.

Moreover, I am freelancing for Italian political magazines and newspapers. Over the past few years, I’ve published on Corriere della Sera-L’Economia / LaLetturaLeftLinkiesta, EuNews, ilManifestoOpenDemocracy, Political Critique.

I have a Bachelor in Political Science – International Relations and a second level Master degree in Economics and Political Science – Economic Analysis and Policy.

I attended a post-graduate Journalism School in Rome, at Fondazione Lelio e Lisli Basso Isocco.

Since June 2016, I am President of the European non-profit organisation Babel International, publisher of the European magazine Cafébabel.com.

Please, check my LinkedIn profile if you are interested in my complete CV.

Thanks for visiting,

Alexander D. Ricci